An Idea Blanchardi (Black-Trimmed Rice Paper) housed in a 11 x 9” frame.


This butterfly has some life damage so is not quite perfect and is sold as seen. Please check photographs carefully as this is the actual specimen you will receive.

Idea Blanchardi Butterfly Frame

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  • A Helenor Blue Morpho (Morpho helenor) housed in a 10 x 10” frame.


    This butterfly is a lovely Morpho species with a great metallic blue stripe and complimentary spots and patterns on the outer wing.


    This butterfly is found in South America and loves nothing more than sucking up the juices of rotting fruit on the floors of tropical rainforests.


    Common & binomial names of the species underneath.


    Specimens are mounted on high quality acid free acrylic card.


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    Please note you may not receive the exact specimen pictured. All natural products vary slightly.


    To keep your frame looking it's best make sure you display it out of direct sunlight and away from moist environments e.g. bathrooms.